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Learn to play Polo

Learn to Play (Discover Polo)                            $150 (per lesson)

We provide the right type of coaching for an individual's level of ability, fitness and athletic skill.  We welcome non-riders – and we provide all the necessary equipment, including specially trained (and understanding!) ponies.


The BPEC Discover Polo Session are the ideal starting point where we take you through all the basics of the game. The Discover Polo course is available privately or in small groups and comprises - Polo riding, use of the stick for the four shots, rules of the game, stick & ball practice on ponies and the theory of the game. Discover Polo runs most Sunday mornings 8am-10am (check our calendar for next available dates), or can be scheduled privately upon request.

Note:  Insurance is $100 and will cover all your Polo Lessons for 1yr.

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