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Agistment Services


Full Agistment (this includes full feed morning & night + hay at night, 5 days a week fitness work inc set work & groomed for chukkas & stick & ball) - $150 per horse per week. *** To be paid & maintained at a rate 2 weeks in a advance. This allows funds to cover the purchase of feed from the start & allows for 2 weeks notice to be given if & when horses are relocated.


The above + full training of horse for polo ( this includes individual riding of the horse by WS 5 days a week) - $250 per horse per week.


 *NB- Agistment does NOT include; Shoeing, Drenching, Veterinary requirements, Dentistry or 'Breaking in’ (starting a horse under saddle from scratch)


Timeframes & suggested costs involved for: Shoeing* - Approx every 6 weeks @ $120 for fronts & backs, $75 for fronts only with backs trimmed.


Drenching - As soon as they come onto the property then 6-8 weeks for a follow up, then as required depending on health & weight carry @ $15ea

 Veterinary costs vary depending on requirements.


Dentistry* - Twice a year & highly recommended to be done when they come into work at the start of a season & prior to being ‘turned out’ at seasons end. Approx $80-100 per horse per time.


*Denotes $ to be confirmed by farrier & dentist once numbers are offered.


In urgent cases only, farrier & dental work can be provided by WS on a case by case basis (i.e.: a horse has ‘pulled a shoe’ mid tournament & requires it to be re- shod to be able to continue)


   + Any horse that for whatever reason requires euthanasia or passes away through natural causes must be removed from the property at the owners expense…please note as this is extremely important NO disposal of horses on-site whatsoever. 


Horse Transport

Transport of horse to outside polo tournaments (limited numbers depending on distance) - $40 per horse return (within an hour of Southern Cross Polo Fields) + $20 per head for each additional hour or part thereof beyond that.

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